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The York city has such mesmerising places to explore that if you try to know all about them just by reading it will not be the right way to do it. At Coach Hire York, not only we can inform you the details about all the places that will suit your you and your companions, but we can also help you travelling them in the best way possible by our 25 Seater and 26 Seater Coach Hire facilities. Let us inform you about a couple of great destinations that are most likely to interest every member of your travelling crew.

If you are looking for a place that is appropriate for all age groups, then there is none better than the York's Chocolate Story. As the name suggests, you will get to try a huge variety of chocolates here with different flavours that are capable of giving pleasure to people with different tastes. The best thing about this place is the assistance of its intelligent volunteers who tell you the history of every flavour and also allow you to taste it. They are very creative and friendly as well. This place certainly stands out from all other destinations and guarantees fun and refreshment as well. Our 25 Seater and 26 Seater Coach Hire services have taken so many tourists here and this place brought smiles to all of them. You can contact us at Coach Hire York to know about this place in depth.

Another fabulous destination to go with your loved ones and friends is the York Cold War Bunker. You will never forget the information about the nuclear war that is provided by the guides over here. Because even though it is a serious subject, they explain it in an interesting way. We don't advise visiting this place without the help of a guide. They will also show you a small length interactive presentation regarding the cold war before you explore the room of communication. You will find most of the exhibition objects intact and we definitely recommend this place to the lovers of history. For a large crew, our 25 Seater and 26 Seater Coach Hire facilities will be sufficient and if you want more details about this place, you can always contact Coach Hire York.

You don't have to worry about the issues like comfort or space when you are hiring us at Coach Hire York because we have enough place to store all of your luggage. The seats are definitely comforting and provide you security with its seatbelts which are durable regardless of your size. We even have many racks to keep your smaller bags and if you have delicate items, we have separate storage facilities for it. The drivers at Coach Hire York are familiar with the roads of the city and they will also save you from traffic jams. They are very friendly and assist you during the journey along with driving in the safest and smartest way possible. Free Wi-Fi, DVD players, fridge and heating devices to give you warmth in the cold days are some of our bonus facilities. You can listen to the songs selected by you during the journey. Our drivers are very friendly and knowledgeable so they will surely save your effort and time. Once you give us the chance to serve you, you will always come back to us whenever you will need to travel with your crew. Feel free to make an inquiry through your email or cell phone because Coach Hire York will always be eager to satisfy you by its 25 Seater and 26 Seater Coach Hire services.