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35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 seat Coach Hire

The York City has always been tourist friendly. It has the vibrant destination to visit for all age groups. We have successfully taken hundreds of tourist groups to many mesmerising places here. But if we try to describe every little piece of information about this beautiful city, it will take a long time. So, let's move on to a couple of unique and "must see" destinations which are fit for all age groups. We will also describe the advantages of hiring our 35 Seat coach hire and 36 Seat coach hire services at Coach Hire York.

Visiting museums of a city with a large travelling crew is always a right thing to do. Because by doing that you will know the city from its roots. There are many beautiful museums in the York city but there is nothing like the National Railway Museum. If there are children in your crew, they are definitely going to love this place. The museum is very old but it has developed with time and the management deserves an applaud for it. As the name highlights, there are many engines of trains from different eras but that is not all. There is a centre of learning and a highly informative library. The café is placed just in the centre of exhibitions so your refreshment needs will be well taken care of. They even have a restaurant in case you are hungry and want to taste delicious recipes. If that was not enough, visiting this museum is absolutely free. You will never have to think about buying passes for your large travelling crew. We recommend trying our 35 Seat coach hire and 36 Seat coach hirefacilities to visit this place. For any further knowledge about this museum, you can always contact Coach Hire York.

If you are feeling a bit religious, or you just want to have some peaceful time at a calm place then the Church of St. Michael le Belfrey is the most suitable place for you in this city. The place is in the middle of the city and there is no charge to visit. You can also explore the York Minister if you come here because both the places are very near to each other. This church was built in the sixteenth century so any structure which is that old is always likely to please your eyes. The overall built of this place along with the royally crafted glass windows can make you stare this place for hours. There is a guiding board available on each window. You will also see some great artistic work on them. We recommend hiring a guide who will explain each and every detail of the history of this church so you will not miss anything before you leave. Our 35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 Seat Coach Hire will suit the needs of your large travelling crew to come here. If you want to know anything else, just email Coach Hire York and we will quench your curiosity.

At Coach Hire York, we have taken a good care of your demands. Our seats are super comfortable with flexible pushback facility and strong seatbelts. You can store as much as you wish when you are hiring our 35 Seat coach hire and 36 Seat coach hire services and we have also provided special space for your fragile things. Entertainment is no problem at all because our coaches are fully equipped with the best music system and stereo speakers. You can play any song you want during the journey. There are many free services that we provide like Wi-Fi and fridge and we can also give you more on your demand so communicate to us through email or phone and we will be there for you in almost no time.