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57 seat coach hire

57 seat coach hire

The York city will never disappoint a tourist because it has many places to fill you with the ecstasy of travelling. All you need to do is choose a right travelling service to unleash the beauty of this city. As long as we are at your service, it is not as hard as it sounds. Because of the long years of experience, we are familiar with every corner of the York city. Here are some of the most recommended destinations to include in your travelling menu. There are many more places to explore comfortably with our 57 seat coach hire facilities. Email Coach Hire York, and we will tell you all that you want to know about your favourite destination.

If you are looking for a destination where you can enjoy walking along with enjoying the beauty of nature, then you must visit the York City Walls. We recommend taking an umbrella or raincoat with you because the bridge doesn't have any place to go under in case it rains. But the open space is perfect for a larger travelling crew. The management has really shown its excellence in taking a good care of this beautiful heritage. It is a good place to jog when the sun is out. Don't forget to have a sip of coffee because the café here really provides a quality service. Your travelling mates will certainly enjoy the gatehouse over here. If you are more curious about this place, contact us at Coach Hire York. Our 57 seat coach hire services are the best way to explore this beauty.

The Treasurer's House is the perfect destination for those who appreciate historical places. If you are a teacher and looking for a suitable destination to tour with your students, this place is a fine choice. There is a medium sized clock with a large pendulum. Mr Frank Green own this place and they have collected plenty of antiques to make the house look wonderful. Although you will have to pay few dollars to enter here it's totally worth it. Hiring a guide is advisable especially if you are travelling with a large crew. We can tell you more about this place if you communicate to us at Coach Hire York. Your large travelling crew will not be a problem for our 57 seat coach hire facilities. Let us describe the ways we can benefit you.

You don't have to think twice about comfort and security as long as you are travelling with us. Because we have the finely crafted seats that are made with the best seat leather available in the market. Our seatbelts are soft and durable as well so you won't feel any discomfort wearing them. They will also protect you better. The storage facility in our coaches is more than you expect because even after storing all your luggage there is enough space to walk around freely. Kids will love our coaches because our DVD players can even play the tracks of their choice during the journey. Our heating system inside the coach will keep you warm when the weather is cold. Apart from that, we give you free Wi-Fi connection during the journey. If you are carrying any drinks with you, we also have a fridge facility to keep them cold. If you want any other extra facility you can always tell us at Coach Hire York. Just call or email us to know more about a destination, book our coaches or any other inquiry you wish to make. We will always be at your service with our 57 seat coach hire facilities.